Tired of eating the same meals and cooking with the same ingredients over and over again? Foodie Dice, a project from Kickstarter is shaking up the way we look at meal time and changing the way we think about cooking. Foodie Dice is a set of nine dice with proteins, cooking methods, seasonal vegetables, grains, and bonus ingredients printed on each one. The intention of this product is for people to get out of the routine of cooking the same foods and start exploring more food options. Even foodies get stuck in a rut sometimes and end up making the same meals several times per week. Foodie Dice allows you to cook with wholesome ingredients while expanding your knowledge of spices, cooking methods, and seasonal vegetables. Eating fresh vegetables that are in season makes all the world of difference.

foodie dice

Foodie Dice makes cooking a game. First you simply roll the dice (cooking method, meats, grains/carbs, seasonal veggies). Then you head to the store to pick up all the groceries you’ll need for cooking. You can do these steps ahead of time so you already have your house stocked with the ingredients you’ll need. Next is the fun part. You get a chance to cook using only what you’ve rolled by chance. There are over 186,000 combinations so you really get to make something new and creative every time. Experiment with flavors and figure out what you like and dislike. Foodie Dice really gives you a chance to experience being a chef. I want a set of these babies right now. One of the things I really like about Foodie Dice is that there are so many options, some more popular than others. This forces you to step outside of your comfort zone and try new foods and cooking methods. You can also easily make this product fit a gluten-free or paleo lifestyle by making minor substitutions.


Foodie Dice was successfully funded on Kickstarter on November 1st, and raised nearly 20 times its $7500 goal. I can’t wait to try these out!

Check out the video on Foodie Dice below:

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