We don’t see many doctors smoking, do we? There’s a reason for that – they understand the negative consequences of smoking on our health, and they have chosen to avoid those at all costs. Likewise, there are a handful of things that food safety experts steer clear of to keep themselves safe. Here’s a list of foods to avoid!

Buffet Food

The Golden Corral’s, the cafeterias, the salad bars all get skipped when it comes to food safety experts. The opportunity for cross contamination is just entirely too high when it comes to buffets. Many hands work to prepare the food, and hundreds, even thousands of hands reach over, in and around the food. The transferring of harmful bacteria from hand to food in buffets is extremely high. Not only that, but foods sit out – hot foods become cold and cold foods become warm, which increases the likelihood of harmful bacteria growth. It doesn’t matter if it is all you can eat… it’s simply not worth it.

Undercooked Beef

When you sit down at a restaurant to order a burger, the waiter will always ask how you like it cooked. You should never ask for rare beef, as the lower the temperature, the more likely it is for certain pathogens to survive, specifically Salmonella or E. coli. Results can be devastating – enough to potentially kill a weak, elderly or young human.

Raw Eggs

As mentioned previously in regards to undercooked beef, salmonella is serious stuff. Consuming raw eggs gives you a much higher chance of contracting that disease. Many people accept the risk, saying that it’s still small — if you’re one of those people, consider this: the likelihood of salmonella from raw egg product consumption goes way up in warmer climates like Florida, since microorganisms tend to thrive in warmer areas.

Raw Milk

Milk is pasteurized for a reason. Many people jump on the organic train and prefer their food as raw and real as possible to gain all of the beneficial compounds, and these are the same people who face bacterial infections caused by things like raw milk. Conventional milk is pasteurized to ensure the elimination of bacteria and other microorganisms that causes serious problems in health.

Do you know of any other foods to avoid?