Foods to build Better Blood

Vitamin and mineral deficiency are a risk for anyone whose body’s ability of absorbing nutrients from foods diminishes. Those at a greater risk are aging adults and those who have anemia. As we know, iron-rich foods are important to everyone’s diet. Iron is one of the minerals that the body needs as a building block for blood. There are several other essential nutrients such as folic acid and vitamin B-12.

Eat These Foods For Better Blood

White Rice

White rice is versatile and can be mixed with many recipes or used as a side dish to your main meal. You can build blood in just one meal by adding it to stir fry with chicken or iron-rich beef.


There are many seafood that can be found on the list to build blood. These can be oysters, clams, trout and haddock. Salmon is usually the common of these that you may find eaten quite often. If you have to limited the intake of saturated fats and cholesterol, seafood would make the best alternative.


Turkey doesn’t just have to enjoyed during the holiday as it contains a high level of B-12. Roasting the bird anytime of the year can be ideal as you can use it for different types of meals whether it be sandwiches, turkey wraps or braised turkey.

Fortified Cereal

Eating fortified cereal can give you many vitamins and minerals all in one serving. Corn, whole oats, rice and wheat cereals are natural iron contents that are added along with a variety of B vitamins. The main B vitamin that should be more of is B-12 and you can find how much is within the cereal by reading the nutrition label.

What are other foods to build better blood?

Review the infographic below which also gives you a daily allowance for what your body needs.

Foods for Healthy Blood [INFOGRAPHIC]
Courtesy of Natural Healthy Concepts: Foods for Healthy Blood [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you have ever noticed that you are getting more headaches than usual, having poor concentration, mood swings and possible a loss of appetite, you may have a low red blood cell count and you should definitely consult your physician. These foods can help build better blood for your body, but it is always a good idea to talk with a professional if you have any of those symptoms.

Do you eat any of these foods on a regular basis?

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