At first glance you would think that you were looking at a computer made image of a bubbly pink candy land or or snowy winter town on a cold evening, But look closer and you will see that in fact you are looking at fresh food. Anything from meat, fish, bread, fruits and vegetables are used to create the worlds that Carl Warner wants to portray

Born in Liverpool England Warner went to University to study illustration with his love of drawing. He later became to learn that he was gifted in photography and became incredibly passionate about the art form. In the 80s he worked under a photographer which led him to become one of the most successful ad agencies in the 80s with his use of photography.

While walking around a food market he came across portobello mushrooms that reminded him of some sort of trees. With the help of rice and beans he created “ Mushroom Savannah” which became a hit, and the first of his Foodscapes series. Over the next ten years his photos have brought in commissions for ads, and food products.

Foodscapes Art Series- Mushroom-Savanna
Mushroom Savannah

Foodscapes is created in Warner’s London Studio. Everything is placed on top of a triangular table to create the feeling of depth. In the very time consuming process a team has to assemble the pieces of food one layer at a time starting from front to back moving as quickly as possible since the food will start to wilt. A photo is taken after each layer is made and then overlapped  in post to create the finished image.  Here are a few of coolest pieces from the collection.

Art Series- Chineese Junk
Chinese Junk
Art Series- Coralscape
Art Series- London-Skyline1
London Skyline
Foodscapes Art Series- Tatziki-Bridge1
Tatziki Bridge
Foodscapes Art Series-Cabbage-Sea
Cabbage Sea
Foodscapes Art Series-CeleryForest
Celery Forest
Foodscapes Art Series-Garlicshire

For more Of Carl Warner’s work and more pieces of foodscape check out his website

What are your favorite uses of food in Foodscapes?