Healthy cooking might seem like a daunting task when you’re pressed for time and your local supermarket is overflowing with processed convenience foods and packaged goods. But eating right doesn’t need to be a challenge. You can make your everyday meals healthier by following these four simple steps.


Cooking and eating better starts in the grocery store. Substitute less healthy options like butter with olive oil or other unsaturated fats. Purchase whole wheat breads and pasta over the white, refined versions. Spend a few extra minutes in the produce section and pick up some more fresh fruits and vegetables. Choose low-fat dairy over whole milk products. Avoid foods with a high amount of sugar or sodium. Making sure that your kitchen is stocked with better ingredients is perhaps the most effective way to cook healthier.


We’re busier than ever these days, and finding the time to prepare healthy meals can be really difficult. Try to devote a little bit of time to planning out your food shopping list and meals for the week. Having a set plan makes it easier to stick to your diet: it’s better to have one or two days when things go off track than resort to take-out every night because you can’t decide what to cook!


How often have you wasted time searching through your fridge or pantry for that one ingredient you were sure you had? Keeping an organized kitchen can not only save you time while cooking, but can also help you make healthier choices. If you open your pantry and see healthy foods like quinoa and almond butter right in front, you’re more likely to reach for those instead of other not-so-good for you options that you might have.


If you think the only way to make healthy foods taste good is frying them or covering them in salt, think again! A little bit of herbs and spices can go a long way and make an otherwise bland meal really stand out. They’re a calorie-free way to boost your cooking, and they can have some great health benefits!

Do you have any healthy cooking tips to share with us?

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