Time to take a break from the work day and procrastinate a little! Check out our favorite lunch break links of the day:

App Aims to Reduce Student Stress, Promote Wellness (via CBS)


Students spend about 9 months out of the year in a state of constant anxiety. From research papers and presentations to school events and part-time jobs, their workload knows no end. To help promote student wellness, the Ann Arbor College in Michigan created an app which links students with heath-centric events on campus. In addition, the app includes lectures and videos aimed at reducing stress as well as inspirational quotes to help lift the spirits of us struggling young adults.

Exercising on an Empty Stomach: The Surprising Benefits (via Greatist)

Empty Plate

To eat before working out, or to not, that is the question. This article says you shouldn’t but honestly, if you’re working out at all, I already consider you a champ. Keep doing you, you look good.

16 Gluten-Free Dishes You Can Eat at Almost Any Restaurant (via Buzzfeed)

pad thai

Contrary to what you might believe, you don’t have to go to a special restaurant to find a meal that suits your gluten-sensitive body. Many dishes are naturally gluten-free, meaning you can safely dine out with your friends without having to worry about going hungry while everybody else feasts. Whether you plan on hitting up a sushi bar or French Bistro, there’s bound to be a menu item that will be safe for you to consume. This article from Buzzfeed outlines a few options that you may want to consider.

Healthy Eating: Not Budget Friendly? (via Bite Size Wellness)


This really isn’t new news to any of us; we’ve all seen the prices out Whole Foods. However, the price discrepancy between low-quality processed foods and their natural/organic counterparts may be more severe than we were aware of.

Quirky, ‘Mouth Watering Hats’ that Look like Food (via Design Taxi)

sushi hat

Hey, do you want to walk around with fabric food on your head all day long? No? What’s wrong with you?

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