One thing that I’m always thankful for on that wonderful third Thursday of November (it’s actually on the fourth Thursday this year, when I found that out my whole world was flipped upside down) is the bountiful array of side dishes.  Turkey is great, but it is nothing without the heaps and heaps of mashed potatoes, and stuffing and other yummy yummy things that go along with it.  Unfortunately for the many Americans who can’t or don’t eat gluten, a lot of these wonderful sides are gluten filled and bread based.  Also pie.  Pie is the second most important part of a Thanksgiving meal, and a lot of pies, especially store bought ones, are built upon a gluteny crust,   We don’t want you to go without, so here are some of our favorite recipes for making gluten-free versions of all the traditional Thanksgiving necessities.

1. Gluten-Free Stuffing (via Serious Eats)

Gluten free stuffing

For many people, the stuffing is the king of the Thanksgiving table.  However, since it is basically baked bread with vegetables, most stuffing is just a big old pile of gluten.  Luckily, making a gluten free version is pretty straight forward, you just have to swap out the breads.  You can either buy store bought gf bread, or make your own if you want to keep everything homemade.  Here is the recipe for a basic gluten-free (and vegan) bread.  This recipe is also a basic one, and you can feel free to jazz it up to your preference.

2. 100% Cornmeal Cornbread (via Plan to Eat)


If you want to embrace the spirit of the first Thanksgiving, you absolutely need to have cornbread (at least I think so).  Warm and sweet, cornbread is the perfect vehicle for melty, buttery goodness. For this recipe, just make sure you get a good cornmeal so your bread has the right texture.  There is nothing worse than dry or gloopy cornbread.

3. Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Biscuits (via Shockingly Delicious)

Sweet Potato Biscuits

For whatever reason my thinking voice just switched over to a southern accent when thinking about these biscuits.  As if all the bread things we’ve discussed already aren’t enough, biscuits are also a necessity for Thanksgiving.  These biscuits go to the next level by being made with mashed sweet potatoes, and accented with brown sugar and cinnamon. These biscuits are a great vehicle for your cranberry sauce, or perfect for making little leftovers sandwiches the next day.

4. Lighter and Healthier Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese (via Gluten Free on a Shoestring)

Gluten-free mac and cheese

There is nothing more comforting than Mac and Cheese, and it definitely deserves a spot on Thanksgiving menus. This Mac and Cheese uses gluten-free pasta, and also uses a gluten-free flour blend to make the yummy, creamy sauce.  It is also healthier than a lot of macs, and incorporates a lot of vegetables. Don’t worry, it’s still plenty cheesy.

5. Gluten Free Pie Crust (via Simply Gluten-free)

gluten free pie crust

Once you master this basic crust recipe, you can make yummy gluten-free versions of any of your favorite pies!  If you are a big fan of pumpkin pie, here is an easy pumkin’ pie recipe that will surely please anyone, even the gluten tolerant. See, being gluten-free on Thanksgiving is easy as pie!

BONUS: Gluten-free Challah Bread

Gluten Free Challah Bread Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving is a very special one, as it just happens to line up with the first day of Hanukkah, Happy Thanksgivukkah, everyone!  I am not Jewish (refer to my last name if you don’t believe me), but Thanksgivukkah is absolutely my new favorite holiday, and it will not be happening for another 79,043 years, so you better celebrate this one.  If you want to give your own meal a little Thanksgivukkah spin, try making your stuffing with one of the greatest breads known to man… Challah!

Know any other gluten free Thanksgiving recipes?

Jaimie is a senior at Adelphi University studying Communications and Political Science. She enjoys exploring and adventures, and recently spent a semester abroad in Prague.