goat milk

As the popular slogan goes, “Milk does the body good”, but which type of milk is the best for your body? According to Dairy Farmers of America, the United States sales of cow’s milk reached $17.9 billion in 2014, however, goat’s milk is the most popular milk that is consumed worldwide. It is a bit of a head scratcher, but how does goat’s milk become so popular?

Goat Milk is the Perfect Natural Food

There are several benefits that makes goat’s milk the perfect food for anyone.

Goat’s milk is less allergic.

The most common food allergy that children have is from cow’s milk. It can be a serious condition because there tends to be mild side effects of skin rashes, vomiting, diarrhea and can even more severe effects. Goat’s milk does not contain have the complex protein that triggers these side effects like cow’s milk does. Goat’s milk also helps to boost the immune system and is very similar to human milk.

Goat’s milk as an alternative for lactose intolerance.

Your body can very easily pass and digest goat’s milk because there is less lactose compared to cow’s milk. Most people who who are lactose intolerant, are able to drink goat’s milk without any type of effects.

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Goat’s milk is as natural as it gets.

Goat’s milk is naturally homogenized meaning that it does not contain agglutinin which separates into two parts of cream and milk the way that cow’s milk does. Goat’s milk has smaller fat globules and eliminating it to be put in a homogenization state. It stays completely natural without have to remove or add anything into it.

Goat’s milk is calcium-rich.

Cow’s milk has been pounded into many people’s heads as to drink or eat enough of to get the most calcium to prevent bone loss. Although cow’s milk does have quite a bit of calcium, goat’s milk more superior with a higher amount of calcium to get in your daily intake.

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As you can see, goat’s milk is definitely a great alternative for your body and a healthier choice. It has less additives, more nutrients for your body and you can still use it in your everyday recipes.

What is your opinion on goat milk?

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