My personal experience with asparagus was not so long ago when I found myself racked with fibroids in my uterus. I was searching for a natural way to get rid of them instead of surgery and asparagus popped on my Google search screen. The remedy was to drink a potion of blended asparagus juice daily. That’s only one of many health benefits of asparagus

Female issues

Asparagus is known to help with a few issues that many females experience throughout the years such as menstrual problems, and pregnancy. It is also believed that asparagus can prevent birth defects. On top of that, milk production can be improved for nursing mothers, and fertility problems are helped as well when you consume asparagus. Because it is a source of vitamin E and folic acid, it will help your issues with anemia and keep your skin looking refreshed and clear of acne if applied to the skin. Balancing hormone levels and easing the pain of menstrual cramps is also a claim.

Does the body good

  • There may not be a lot of medical proof for these accusations, but asparagus has a reputation for helping people with cancer. It is thought to also ease the effects of chemotherapy.
  • Do you have constipation often or suffer from urinary infections? If you consume some asparagus it will clean you out naturally, but beware of the stinky urine that will be left behind.
  • It is believed to prevent kidney and gallbladder stones.
  • Would you believe that Asparagus will help with joint paint and nerve pain? If you suffer from arthritis or swelling adding this little green veggie to your diet just may do the trick for you.
  • If you are losing your hair, have a toothache, high blood pressure, bad eye sight or just plain tired, asparagus can help with all those things if you use it regularly.


Check with your doctor if you have questions about the benefits of asparagus. It is known to cause adverse problems with lithium. It will keep your body from getting rid of lithium sufficiently, so if you are taking lithium you may want to get a second opinion. Beware if you are allergic to asparagus so please be careful when you are using it in medicinal amounts. Test yourself first so you won’t end up in the emergency room because of your asparagus addiction.

Do you know of any health benefits of asparagus?