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As Americans, we are obsessed with New Year’s resolutions.  And why not? After all, we’re wiping the slate clean on December 31, and starting fresh with a bright new year. That’s why we’ve put together a little guide with healthy eating tips to help you start the New Year right in a healthy way.

Take your (multi) vitamins

Health food companies love to crow about how their latest vitamin packs will make you healthy and happy — and maybe they do. But popping a lot of vitamins at once might not give you the results you need. Instead of popping a handful of vitamins three or four times a day, consider getting a high quality multi-vitamin and work on getting more vitamins and minerals from food.

Fishy Fishy

Eating fish twice per week will give you the omega-3 fatty acids your body requires. This will help you maintain a healthy brain and heart. Plus, it’s important to get cold water fish like salmon and mackerel for the best benefits.


Drinking water is critical for the health of our bodies. If you’re someone who routinely reaches for juice or a soda, consider cutting your consumption and replacing that with water. Can you drink too much water? The answer is yes. Don’t overdo your consumption but you should replace those sugary drinks with good old H2O.

Dump the Sugar

We know we’re preaching to the choir on this one because you’ve heard the health professionals constantly sing a song of dumping sugar out of your diet. When you cut your sugar back you do not suffer from the sugar highs and lows we all get. Cutting down on sugar in your diet also keeps your risk of diabetes lower.

Enjoy Food

Yes, we said to enjoy food. What that means is take your time when you’re eating so you can savor the flavors in front of you. Instead of dieting this year, eat more slowly – more European, if you will – and try to eat smaller meals more frequently during the day instead of three large meals and a bunch of snacks.

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What are some of your favorite healthy eating tips to start the New Year right?