Healthy Habits

In a world where you’re constantly busy at home and at work, it’s hard to stick to a healthy diet. But here are some healthy habits that will help you stay fit.

Same Old, Same Old is Good for You

Eating the same basic meals every day is actually good for you. Why? Because it lets you keep track of calories and carbs if you eat substantially the same things every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Does this mean you must eat the exact same things every day? No. But if you choose from a variety of three or four things that have the same nutrition and calorie count, you’ll have less stress and more consistency over what you eat.

Don’t Forget Breakfast

Eating breakfast helps you maintain weight loss and keep your nutrition in balance. Studies have shown that those who skip breakfast tend to overeat later in the day to make up for what they missed first thing in the morning.


Drinking 6-8 twelve ounce glasses of water per day is the key to staying fit. It’s tempting to reach for a glass of iced tea or a diet soda but stop. One note of caution is that you can drink too much water which will deplete your electrolytes. If you’re drinking more than a gallon of water a day, make sure to replenish those electrolytes.

Small Portions More Often Work

Keep your cortisol levels steady by eating small portions every couple of hours instead of consuming a huge lunch and a massive dinner – on top of those snacks you pulled out mid-afternoon.

Skip the Processed Stuff

You know this even before you read it. Whole foods including fruits, vegetables and whole grains are the way to go to keep your body fit and functioning.

Low density foods like oatmeal, salads and brown rice keep you feeling full longer because they contain lots of fiber.

No Need to Skimp

Does eating properly to stay fit mean you have to cut out every favorite food in your repertoire? Not at all. Indulge once in a while but don’t over eat or suck down food like a vacuum cleaner. Taste it, enjoy it, and dine like you’re in Europe.

Don’t Set Yourself Up to Fail

What that means is don’t pack your pantry with the junk foods that you love. That takes away the temptation when you don’t have to walk past the bag of chocolate crème Oreos or that sack of cool ranch Doritos.

Don’t even bring them home in the first place.

The Kitchen is Closed

After dinner at a reasonable hour – no, not 8:30 PM if you can avoid it – the kitchen is closed. If you’re having dessert, have it right after your meal not just before bed. Going to sleep on an emptier stomach will help you wake up the next morning hungry and ready for breakfast.

Some successful celebrities have said they keep their weight down by not eating anything after 6 or 7 PM at night.

These healthy habits are all about food choices and that’s something we can all do successfully.

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What are some of your favorite healthy habits?