One of the things I love about farmers markets is that they always have fresh herbs. Often in my grocery store, I find the herb selection to be lacking, and extremely expensive! 2 dollars for a small bunch of basil always seems like a lot of money! And then if you want the organic variety, it’s even more expensive!

That’s why I love Farmers Markets. No matter what month, or week, they are guaranteed to have either bunches of fresh herbs, or herb seedlings for you to plant in your own organic garden. I have always found that herbs are a remarkably easy thing to grow – I always seem to have more herbs on hand than I know what to do with! One summer I literally made pesto with all of my organically grown basil for all of my friends… twice!

Another great idea, if you are a regular visit to your farmers market, and want to participate more, is to start selling herbs as your first foray into being a farmer! Growing them doesn’t require a huge amount of land either. Here are some helpful hints as to how to start the process.

What are you favorite herbs to purchase? Do you grow any herbs yourself?