honey is liquid gold

Honey is one of the most essential ingredients that is in the pantry. The sweet liquid gold made from the busy bees, have been a medicinal and nutritional value for centuries. Honey provides anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, as well as other super powers that benefits your health. The deliciousness of honey doesn’t have to be just used in foods, it can also be used as a beauty elixir to sooth scars or make a facial mask. Oh, and you can even make your own honey shampoo – that is, if you want soft, silky hair…

Honey IS Liquid Gold – here’s the deal…

Homemade baked bread is the best with a little bit of honey. Slice a piece of this Oatmeal Honey Bread.

What’s the Drizzle About Honey

Honey can come in different forms from its color, aroma and flavor depending on the type of nectar that bees collect from flowers. It can have a taste that is mild to richly complex and a color of deep shade of caramel to colorless. It is a 100% sweetener and can be taken right from the hive to the table.


If you want the purest form of honey, this is as good as it gets. It’s known as “the nature’s perfect package” as it can be cut straight from the hive and can be eaten in it’s natural state, wax comb and all. The comb can be chewed until all the flavor of the honey is gone and then discard the comb. Honeycomb could be found in farmer’s market or a natural foods store. Once the honeycomb is cut, the honey will start to ooze with it’s delicious and intense honey flavor.

Raw Honey

According to the National Honey Board, raw honey is obtained by extraction, settling or straining without adding heat. Raw honey has many traces of antioxidants, minerals and organic enzymes. Due to its rich origins, it’s has more interesting flavor and taste.

Cutting back on sugar, but still need the sweet taste? Honey can be your artificial sweetener.

Top Health Benefits of the Liquid Gold

So now that you know the basics of honey, how can it benefit you for your health? Here are a few top benefits to this liquid gold.

Wound Treatments – the antibacterial properties in honey can be used to treat wounds and prevent infections.

Sooth the Sore Throat – a natural alternative to cough medicine, honey coats your throat and suppresses coughs at the same time. According to the 2012 study in the journal Pediatrics, even children ages 1 to 5 can take two teaspoon of honey to relieve a cough.

Alleviate Allergies – raw honey taken each day, before and during allergy season can help prevent allergy symptoms. It acts like a natural vaccine, containing small amounts of pollen that your body in time can become immune to.

Memory Booster – the antioxidants that are in honey helps to boost the short term memory of the brain. It also helps prevent cellular damage in the brain.

Honey has been used for over 2,000 years for its medical properties and continues to be a health aid for many ailments.

Do you use honey as a medicine?

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