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How to Eat Like an Olympian (via Huffington Post)

Ever wonder how an Olympian eats? I know I hadn’t given the diet of these incredible athletes a second thought until I saw this article pop up. To get the most out of the intense physical training they put their bodies through, Olympians need to make sure they obtain the proper amounts of nutrients from their diets. This short video provides a brief look at how they eat to keep their minds and bodies sharp.

A Big Bet on Gluten-Free (via New York Times)

Gluten-Free Wegmans

The amount of gluten-free products available on the market has skyrocketed in recent years. Up until maybe three or four years ago, I had no idea what gluten even was; now  the “gluten-free!” label stares back at me from the front of nearly every packaged good I pick up in my local grocery store. Why and when did gluten-free become all the rage? And how much are companies actually making off this new trend?

27 Delicious Lemon Desserts (via Buzzfeed)

Meyer Lemon Curd and Chamomille Vanilla Mousse

Lemons taste like summer, sunshine, and happiness which means we need to be eating as many as possible right now to keep us from falling into deep depressions from all this snow and cold. Fresh, tangy, and sweet when paired with a bit of sugar, lemons are the perfect fruity addition to a refreshing dessert. Try any of these 27 desserts to brighten your mood on this cold, grey day.

Illustrator Draws Out Her Daily Purchases for the Past Eight Years (via Design Taxi)

Radio Drawing by Kate Bingaman-Burt

These little collections of illustrations always make we wish I knew how to draw. As it is, my doodles of fruit bowls and stick figures are probably never going to improve and thus, I’ll have to live vicariously through talented illustrators such Kate Bingaman-Burt. For the past eight years, Bingaman-Burt has drawn a picture of every purchase she has made, whether it be a pack of hair ties or a terrarium. To view the entire collection, click here.

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