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When it comes to losing weight you can find a number of exercise and diet plans but the rate of obesity is increasing all over the world. Most of the obese people have tried various types of diet plans as well as workout plans to lose weight but most of them failed to get a permanent solution for their problem. The weight they lose returns back as they start eating their usual diet. In fact, people fail to lose their weight because they could not accept the diet and exercise plans, they were following, completely. So if you want to lose weight in one month then you will have to develop your own exercise and diet plan. It will motivate you to continue these plans after seeing their results.

Focus on your targets

The main thing that can make your exercise and diet plans for one month successful is your focus on your targets. This program will give you a healthy and long life only when you are attentive to your targets. You should set small goals on weekly basis to keep you motivated. You can lose one pound after walking 15 minutes more or eating one fast food less. Such reasonable targets can help you in the long run in following a healthy lifestyle and losing weight successfully. Note down the size of your chest, arms, hips, thighs and waist along with your weight on the first day as well as your daily progress regularly while following you weekly plans strictly. It will help you in maintaining your progress throughout the month.

Change the style of your life

Your diet and exercise plans for a month will need two-way adjustments. In one way it will allow you to make some lasting but small changes in your lifestyle and on the other it will try fit into your present lifestyle. First, you should start with the easiest changes in your lifestyle along with implementing your new diet and workout plans. During the first week of your plan you should drink 8-10 glasses of water every day to cut down a part of your routine diet and include cardiovascular exercises for 15 minutes more in your daily workout routine. It will help you in losing up to � pound weight every week just by reducing the intake of 250 calories every day.

Plan your exercises

In the second week of quick weight loss plan, you can reschedule your exercise plan by including some easy aerobic activities in it. These activities may include an additional walk with your dog for 15 minutes or intensifying your calorie burning intense exercises. You can also try for an additional bicycling, swimming or walking for 15 minutes in your routine workout schedule. According to experts, a brisk walking for an hour can help in burning up to 300 calories. It can help you in losing pound weight in one week as one loses one pound weight by burning 3500 calories.

Start counting calories

If, in the second and third week of your weight loss program, you are not observing any change in your weight then instead of getting discouraged you should start counting your calories. You can set a reasonable goal of burning calories up to 1200 or 1500, after consulting a dietician or a doctor. You can also follow the healthy eating plate of Harvard School of Public Health to balance your diet. Half of your routine diet should include green vegetables and fruits and one-fourth of it should be based on low-fat protein and the rest should include carbohydrates of complex nature like whole grains, sweet potatoes or brown rice etc.

Set sensible targets

Most people fail to lose their weight by following weight loss diet plans because they do not want to avoid the high-calorie foods of their choice. So, instead of avoiding them completely you can moderately reduce their quantity in your routine diet to lose your weight fast. For instance, you can eat a small cheesecake than a larger one or one small cookie instead of two large. Along with it you can add low-fat or low-calorie beverages and snacks instead of the foods with low nutritional values like a few glasses of wine or potato chips etc. Instead of eating fries and burgers you can eat fresh fruits, salad and vegetables to lose weight effectively within one month.

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