Ice Pop Molds

Many of us grew up with some form of ice pop molds being involved in our summer activities. Whether it was pouring your favorite Kool-Aid flavor into a Tupperware mold (I think I just dated myself, there), or even making due with a standard ice tray, plastic wrap and some strong toothpicks, we found a way to enjoy the cool and refreshing taste on a hot summer day. Flash forward to adulthood, and that kitchen tool has now been relegated to only use for our children. Right? Wrong! Ice pop molds aren’t just for kids anymore. Let’s look at a few creative ways you can still use this handy kitchen tool for adult purposes, while encouraging the kid inside of you.

Juice Pops

If you juice on a regular basis, you may enjoy taking some of what you make and adding it into an ice pop mold. Depending on the size of mold you choose, you may even be able to add small chunks of fresh fruit into the pops for an added bonus. Either make an extra batch of the juice of your choice, or use what you normally make and simply pour them into the molds, close them, place them in the freezer and enjoy the fruits of your labor a few hours later. You can make extra large batches of these for gatherings at your house ahead of time, too.

Puree Pops

Along the same lines of juicing, making a puree of fresh fruits and vegetables and then created frozen treats out of them are a great way of enjoying this healthy creation. There are even ice pop molds out there that are very tiny and make frozen treats that are a perfect size for toddlers who are teething. As many parents know, a frozen item helps to soothe the pain of a teething child, so a frozen puree pop pulls double duty by helping the pain while providing a healthy treat.  Adding frozen puree pops to an adult diet also gives you a fun way to eat healthy.

Alcohol Drink Pops

Let’s be honest: Many of us grownups appreciate a good “adult beverage” from time to time. For summer parties, create mixed drinks for your guests but place them in ice pop molds for a little fun and whimsy. Frozen margaritas and even Bloody Marys make a great frozen pop creation, as well as Pina Coladas. The sky is the limit when it comes to how creative you can become with this fun kitchen tool.

Here are a few ice pop molds to try out for different occasions.

Groovy Freezer Popsicle Molds are great for kids and adults. They hold three ounces of mixture in each pop mold.

NUK Mini Ice Lolly Set is a perfect choice for infants and toddlers to enjoy some fresh juice or pureed pops. Each mold holds about ¼ of a cup.  These are also a good size for small juicing or puree pops for the adult who just wants a little treat instead of a larger serving.

Zoku Mini Pop Molds are the ideal size for the frozen adult treats. It’s a bit like a “Jell-o Shot” size, since the molds hold 2/3 of a fluid ounce.