Kitchen Tools

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I love all my kitchen tools! I’ve scoured stores, both online and off, for just the right tool for every specific job. While this is great for specialty meals and food preparation, it takes a hit on your ability to properly store them all without losing them to the black hole of your drawers and cabinets. This is why it is important to have tools and appliances in your kitchen that serve more than one purpose.

Not only do you minimize the amount of items in your kitchen by embracing the multi-purpose mentality, but you also get more bang for your buck in your wallet. One example is a stand mixer, such as the popular models made by KitchenAid. Sure, they may take up counter space, but once you discover how versatile these work horses are, you’ll wonder how you survived before without one. Instead of standing over a bowl, stirring ingredients for a marinade or cold sauce, put your stand mixer to work. The low setting on them with the whisk or paddle attachment saves precious minutes that you can use to do other cooking or preparation. Stand mixers are not just for bakers anymore.

Sometimes, it’s a matter of getting inventive. Do you own one of those handy boiled egg slicers? Try using one of those to slice fresh and soft fruits, such as strawberries or kiwis. After cleaning and trimming the fruit, place it in there and watch it make you some easy and beautiful garnish for your summer meals.

I bet you may also have a muffin tin, and perhaps even some ice cube trays lying around. If you make your own stock from meats or vegetables, these multi-taskers may help you store the surplus you may have on your hands. Pour a little into each tin or tray holder, freeze and then pop them into freezer bags to have on hand for easy portions for meals. You may also opt to put in some fresh herbs into each section before freezing for specific meals you make often.

A pizza oven is another multi-purpose appliance that most people don’t think of using. This little table-top design makes great pizzas in a fraction of the time (as well as not heating up your kitchen nearly as much) as an oven, but it may also be used to reheat leftovers and other frozen foods more effectively than any microwave. It creates a nice crisp to foods, instead of making them rubbery and soggy. This appliance makes a great addition to any college dorm room. Give it a go, and prepare to be amazed!


Image:  Thinkstock