Sometimes you never really know what other kitchen tools are out there on the market, unless you are looking for it. I fell into the trap of sticking to what I knew—all the manual lower quality items that I grew up with at my parents house. However, after moving out and getting settled into my own home, I found myself trying many new appliances that I never knew I needed! Now, I believe that I would be lost without them. Here is a list of three items that are not very expensive, under $30, that you won’t be able to live without, once you have it!

Adjustable Jar Opener

How many times have you reached into your pantry, cabinet, or refrigerator and had to fight to get the lid off, or maybe you had to ask for help? It has happened to me a countless number of times and it is so frustrating! You can try the spoon trick, if it is a metal, where you bang a spoon along the outer edge of the lid, but if it is a glass jar, you always run the risk of breaking the glass.

Having an adjustable jar opener is essential to saving you time and frustration in the kitchen. You can find adjustable jar openers on Amazon and eBay for as little as $12! Or, for those looking for something even easier to use, you can buy the electric jar opener, which can be adjustable too! Having an electric opener comes in handy for those extremely stuck lids and when you do not have the strength or elbow grease, they come in handy. However, the non electric openers seem to last longer.

Smooth Edge Can Opener

Having a manual can opener is important, especially to have when the power goes out. Yet, those manual can openers can leave the sharp edge of the can, which is dangerous and can be extremely painful if you cut yourself on it. Also, for those of you that have young children or animals, you want to make sure that you are not leaving ANY sharp edges around that could be a potential risk to your child(ren) or fur-child(ren), right? So, while you probably did not realize you needed it, you will need a smooth edge can opener.

Electric Wine Opener

Having a wine night? Whether you are hosting a dinner party or just casually having a glass of wine at home, there is nothing worse that having to fight with the wine bottle or wine opener to get the cork out. Or, sometimes you go to use the manual wine opener and it breaks the cork and leaves cork floaters in your wine (yuck). For this reason, I recommend investing in an electric wine opener. Not only will you save yourself the hassle of having to use that extra elbow grease to get the sharp end into the cork, but you wont have to give your arms a workout to pull the cork out! Purchasing this opener is a double win!

What are some kitchen tools you can’t live without?