On September 19, the Tea Association of the USA‘s Tea Council hosted the Fifth International Scientific Symposium on Tea & Human Health. I’ve already professed my love for green tea on HWTC, and apparently the council feels the same. They published this great infographic on the benefits of drinking tea daily:

Hot or iced, you can’t go wrong with tea. If you like yours on the sweet side, be sure to brew your own or buy it unsweetened so you can control the amount of sugar. A natural product like honey or agave nectar is best, but refined sugar or an artificial sweetener is okay if you only use a little bit. Lemon is a great way to add flavor, too! For a spicy, fragrant variation, try making your own chai tea at home. This classic Indian drink is made by steeping black tea in water boiled with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger and peppercorns, then adding milk and brown sugar. Get the recipe here from Whole Foods.

via Whole Foods


What’s your favorite type of tea?

Feature image: H is for Home via photo pin cc