When a woman enters into motherhood, her priorities shift. Her children, relationships, and even career begin to take precedence over her own needs. You begin to live a life depleting yourself emotionally and physically all with good intentions for the family. As noble as this act sounds, however, eventually neglecting your wellbeing for the sake of others hurts everyone. 

There’s certainly nothing wrong with sacrificing for the good of your family. It’s almost as if women have this internal ability to do so. Be that as it may, sacrificing your emotional and physical wellbeing ends up backfiring. You wear yourself out trying to do and be everything for everyone, only to fail at caring for yourself. 

Just Blame it On the Hormones. Right? 

It’s typical for both men and women to assume that when a woman is “out of sorts” emotionally that her hormones are to blame. Though there can be hormonal changes that exacerbate feelings, often it’s the societal expectations and responsibilities of motherhood. Below is a look at some of the factors that challenge a woman’s emotional health as a mother: 

Mom Guilt

You want nothing more than to be the best mom, yet, raising another human being is no easy job. You have expectations of yourself, but then there are the expectations of society, relatives, friends, and even your partner that you have to contend with. You begin to feel anxious, you doubt your abilities to live up to those expectations, you feel guilty for wanting to do anything for yourself or when you can’t come through for your family. 

This weighs on you causing you to go through periods of anxiety and/or depression. Some women even get to a point where they try to drink away the guilt and if they are based in Florida, one of the expert Tampa clinics for addicition recovery

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep? Most women give up their 8 hours of sleep the moment their first child is born. From then on, they find themselves catching a nap whenever they can. Even once their children are older, women are so busy tending to house chores, preparing for the next day, or stressing over something throughout the night that they don’t get much sleep. Lack of sleep reduces the body’s ability to heal and replenish itself, therefore, leading to a multitude of problems like depression, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and more. 

Work/Life Balance

Whether single, in a relationship, or married, women most often struggle with finding work/life balance. In order to be successful in the corporate world, women must compete and outperform the competition. Yet, somehow, they must also find the time to be there for their families. Balancing the two can get stressful even causing some women to feel as if they have to choose between their families and their jobs. Trying to juggle both they end up exhausted emotionally and physically. 

Taking Care of Your Health

Women have so much pressure on them today to be the perfect mom, wife, and career woman. In an effort to please others, they try to live up to those expectations without realizing the consequences. Failing to take care of your own health reduces your ability to continue to be a positive force that you are in your family’s life. It also deprives you of being able to be the best woman you can be for yourself. So, if you believe motherhood is taking a toll on you or you’re concerned about the factors listed above, start by taking care of your health

Eat a Proper Diet – No matter what is going on it is imperative that you eat. Your diet should consist of healthy fats, lean protein, fruits, and veggies. Quick fixes for busy moms might include making smoothies for breakfast, prepping meals on the weekends, or looking into meal delivery services to make cooking dinner easier. 

Exercise Regularly – Exercising helps to keep you physically in shape, but it also improves the mind. The more you work out the better you feel about yourself and the more equipped you are to maintain your crazy life. Do yoga in the mornings before waking the kids in the morning, take a jog around the neighborhood after dinner, or start taking some dance classes once a week. 

Do What You Love – It’s nice to want to do everything to make your family happy, but what about you? Continue to find time throughout your life to do things you love. Write poetry, read a book, go sit at a cafe and sip on your favorite cup of coffee, take a walk through the park, go get a massage, just do things that make you smile. 

Motherhood was never designed to be easy. No woman was designed to be perfect either. In order to be the best mother, wife, and career woman you can possibly be it is important to start with yourself. Taking care of your health from the inside out gives you the strength you need to get through the ups and downs.