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If you have friends who have told you that they’re on a juice cleanse and have wondered whether that’s a healthy thing to do, this is a perfect blog post for you.

Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to get good nutrition from your produce. But, we wondered, what about people who decide to do a juice fast to cleanse their bodies of toxins and do that for a number of weeks? Is that a safe practice you should engage in as well?

Here’s some information about juice cleanses and whether doing what is right for you.

What is It?

A juice cleanse – also known as a juice fast – is something that is participated in for as little as days to weeks. During that time, you would only drink freshly juiced fruits and vegetables and water for your nutrition. Some cleanses also allow for small meals. This type of cleanse limits caloric intake and attempts to flush out harmful toxins from your body.

While it is certainly beneficial to get more fruits and vegetables then refined products in your diet, we have found that for some people, a juice fast may be more harmful than beneficial.

The Issues

Dangers: There are some people who cannot do a juice fast because of health issues. If you are in a chemotherapy regimen and are a diabetic or have kidney disease, this kind of diet is not for you.

The sugars in fruits and vegetables can put a diabetic’s blood sugar levels in a dangerous range. High levels of potassium can be a danger to those with renal disease.

Fiber: You may think that juicing fruits and vegetables gives you more fiber than the fresh version of each, but you would be incorrect. Some of the good minerals and vitamins found in the skins are actually discarded when you juice.

Less filling: Because you’re losing some of the fiber from the skins on vegetables and fruits, you are losing that feeling of being full. In fact, some have reported feeling lightheaded and hungry during one of these fasts.

According to Dr. Glenn D. Braunstein of Cedars-Sinai Hospital, extended juice fasts could cause serious damage because of electrolyte imbalances. Your body could also start to use muscle instead of fat for energy.

In the same article, Dr. James Dillard of Columbia University states that a juice fast for a few days is absolutely fine. It’s the length of time you spend on the fast that can be the issue.

If you’re thinking about doing a juice fast as a means of weight control and weight loss, you may be disappointed in the result. Why? Because, while you may be cutting out the fat from your diet, you tend to put pounds right back on after you resume your regular eating habits.

Detoxing: It’s attractive to think that you could engage in an activity that will remove toxins from your body, especially if you have recently indulged in the wrong kinds of foods. The truth is that our bodies do a pretty good job of removing toxins on their own.

A juice cleanse is not a bad thing to do, but be careful of the length of time you cleanse.

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