Stuffing a burger is one of those simple but brilliant ideas that always leaves you asking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”. It’s easy to see the appeal–by putting the ingredients that would normally top your burger directly inside the patty, you eliminate the possibility of said ingredients falling out the bottom of the burger when you bite into it. Plus, who doesn’t love a sandwich in a sandwich? Melted cheese and veggies between layers of burger meat, between layers of soft, fluffy bread. Total sandwich-ception.

Stuff-A-Burger Press by Kitchen Kapers

Thanks to the Charcoal Companion Stuff-A-Burger Press by Kitchen Kapers, it’s never been easier to make stuffed burger patties. The company has been selling fun, unique kitchen products for almost 40 years, and this is just one example of their brilliant designs. Start with your favorite ground meat (or veggie burger base) and place it in the press. Use the specially designed lid to create a well for your favorite fillings like cheese, sauteed veggies, caramelized onions, or any other bite-sized goodies you want in your 1/2 or 3/4-pound burger. Add another layer of meat and seal your patty with the other side of the lid. Throw your creation on the grill now, or freeze the patty for a future meal.

We discovered this product on Hi Consumption, where they cooked up this burger stuffed with bell peppers, onions and cheese. Excuse us while we make several embarrassing attempts to eat this through the computer screen.



Be the best burger maker this barbecue season with the Stuff-A-Burger Press. Buy it online from Kitchen Kapers.

Feature image via Kitchen Kapers
Image 1 via Hi Consumption