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Least Romantic Places to go on Valentine’s Day (via Travel Freak)


Oh hey, it’s Valentine’s Day! I’m sure all you couples out there already have reservations for tonight at some fancy pants restaurant or another but for those of you who are a.) single, b.) morbid, or c.) both, feel free to check out this list of some less-than-romantic Valentine’s Day destinations.

Artist, Steve Casino, Quite Literally Goes Nuts for Nuts (via Redesign Revolution)


People are so incredibly creative, it blows my mind. That Muhammad Ali figurine you see above? Yeah it’s made out of a peanut shell…isn’t that nuts? (shameless pun totally intended). An artist named Steve Casino is responsible for this ingenious bit of handiwork and little Ali is only one member of his peanut project. To see some more of his work, click here.

3 Tips for Keeping Up with the News (via Surviving College)


Most of us have no problem keeping up with the latest Facebook drama, Instagram posts, and Tumblr Memes but when it comes to important, relevant news? Forget about it. We find ourselves embarrassingly ignorant about both national and international events and really, there’s no excuse for it considering the amount of resources we have at our fingertips. This article provides three simple ways to keep yourself in the know and none of them involve watching C-SPAN.

5 Presidential Cocktails (via Bite Size Wellness)


Woo, it’s a three-day weekend thanks to Mr. Washington’s birthday! To honor the great presidents of our country, both past and present, I suggest you mix up one of these executive cocktails and celebrate White-House style.

Cast a Love Spell with these Scented Elixirs for V-Day (via Haute Talk)


Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a bouquet of roses, am I right? The beautiful pink flower has become synonymous with this day of love and romance but damn, they’re expensive. Instead of dropping your own (or your man’s) cash on a dozen of these guys, why don’t you try and be the roses? These products will have you smelling floral and feeling softer than a petal in no time.

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