Indian cuisine is delicious food to eat that has  many flavors and textures thanks to amazing spices, creams, fats, oils and butter that is used to cook the food. Think about it, when you order Indian food from a restaurant to take home and enjoy, what do you see left in the containers? Grease, right? Even though it was delicious until the last spoonful, you can’t really say that it was really all that healthy.

What you can do to have a healthier Indian cuisine is cook the meal at home and make it low fat. You can do this by reducing some of those fats or use oils that are extracted from nuts and seeds, corn oil, olive oil or even flax seed oil. These are ideal oils that are polyunsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats which are better for you. Once you eliminate or reduce the fat used, you may even find a difference in taste, possibly more lighter and flavorful.

Low-Fat Indian Cuisine Recipes

Cheese Corn and Spinach Pillows

This dish has 4 servings and can be served in less than an hour and a half. The cheese corn and spinach pillows are a nutritious snack with fresh spices of crushed black pepper, chili flakes, basil and a nutmeg powder for flavor. These pillows are fried, but by using an air fryer which you don’t need any oil for.

Baitha Varan

This is a simple Indian recipe that can be made in 30 minutes and it does not contain any oil. You not only get an interesting dish, but it will give you health benefits such as improving vision, fiber from the added vegetables, and vitamin A content to nourish the skin.

Fat Free Vegan Red Lentil Tarka Dal Curry

What a great dish to serve when the weather starts to cool down and you need a bit of warming up. Some of the ingredients used in the recipe include fresh tomatoes, red lentils, flavorful spices and ginger. The dish doesn’t take long to cook, depending on if you are using whole lentils or not.

What is your favorite low-fat Indian cuisine?