Time to take a break from the work day and procrastinate a little! Check out our favorite lunch break links of the day:

15 Surprisingly Creative Vegan Smoothie Recipes (Via Buzzfeed)


Smoothies are always delicious and refreshing regardless of the temperature outside. They can be customized to fit every lifestyle from vegan to paleo and are a quick way to get your nutrients in on those busy mornings… Take a break from the basic berry-and-banana smoothie and try one of these creative recipes for a change.

13 Times Potato Chips Should Go in Your Food (Via Huffington Post)

Grilled Cheese

A sandwich is not a sandwich until it has been stuffed with chips #facts. Try this vegan sandwich and stuff it with Lays because, heck, it’s time to live a little!

Visually Pleasing Monochromatic Breakfasts (Via Design Taxi)


This series speaks directly to the OCD in me. Look at all the matching colors! My eyes and tummy are so pleased right now.

What is Alcohol Tolerance? (Via Huffington Post)


We talk about ¬†alcohol tolerance all the time but do we have any idea what it actually is? This article explains it simply and after reading it, you’ll likely think twice before taking your next drink…or maybe not. Happy hour is imminent.

Your First College Party Experience, As Told by Sailor Moon GIFs (Via Surviving College)


College is full of strange and awkward experiences but attending your first party on campus ranks among the top 5. Relive the anxiety of your first kegger with the one and only Sailor Moon.

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