Lunch is the perfect opportunity to get out and walk around New York City with my coworkers—even we just pick up food within a 3 block radius to bring back to our desks so we can continue finding random stuff on the Internet working. So every day, I’ll be sharing what I had for lunch along with links to my daily lunch break distractions.

The Lunch:

Chicken cutlets & rice

The Links:

‘SNL’ season premiere dominated by political humor (via LA Times)
I don’t know why the season opener got such lukewarm reviews. I thought it was hilarious (probably because I am an unabashed Seth MacFarlane fan and love everything he does). And hey, guys…it’s election season. They’re SUPPOSED to do political humor. Although I have to say, simple as it was, this was my favorite sketch of the night:

via Redesign Revolution

Eco Amp 2.0 for iPhone by Eco-Made (via Redesign Revolution)
An eco-friendly way to amplify music from your iPhone. How cool is this?

via Blisstree

Whole Foods Recalls Ricotta Cheese in 21 States; We Say Make Your Own! (via Bliss Tree)
Possible listeria contamination has led Whole Foods to recall their Ricotta Salata Frescolina cheese in nearly half the country. Might be worth it to give these DIY ricotta methods a try!

via WellnessFX

Infographic: Your Health in One Drop (via WellnessFX)
This useful infographic shows how just one drop of blood can be used to create a fairly thorough health profile to better understand your risk for certain diseases and conditions.

via Cracked

Why Peyton Manning is the Steve Jobs of the NFL (via Cracked)
Some eerie similarities between the career trajectories of the former Colts starting quarterback and the man who revolutionized the way we experience technology.