The Lunch:

Braised chicken over rice with Chinese broccoli, mushrooms, and a hard-boiled egg

 The Links:

25 Greatest ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Moments Ever (via List25)
You know, other than the opening sequence. Seriously, you have to love that theme song.

Avril Lavigne engaged to Chad Kroeger (via SF Gate Daily Dish)
A match made in overplayed-early-2000s-music heaven.

Avril Lavigne during her promotional tour for ...
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Artist Illustrates Cats As Superheroes (via Design Taxi)
As an unabashed lover of superhero movies (and a closet nerd), I couldn’t resist this.

One Minute Tip: Oil Your Butcher Block (via Apartment Therapy)
A good kitchen tip from Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan

4 Goofiest Curses from the Bible (via Cracked)
Really? Hemorrhoids for stealing the Ark of the Covenant?

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