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How to Overcome Every Possible Excuse for Not Learning How to Cook (Via Greatist)

Cooking 1

 My best friend is a phenomenal cook and I will be eternally envious of her. Not only does she have a natural knack for the culinary arts, but she is also incredibly patient and organized when it comes to meal planning. From breakfast to dinner, her dishes are always impeccable. And then there’s me…I don’t even bother trying to cook. I make endless amounts of excuses that bar me from cooking anything more complicated than oatmeal. Time, lack of experience, and a poorly stocked pantry are just a few of the things that I cite weekly as my reasons for pouring yet another bowl of cereal. This article basically takes all my excuses and throws them in the garbage. It offers practical advice and solutions to overcoming some of the major roadblocks that cooking presents.

10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Be Allergic To (Via CNN)

We’re familiar with the common allergies: peanuts, dust, pollen, and penicillin are all things that we know a decent portion of the population cannot go no near without suffering a severe reaction. But how about the milder allergies? Did you know that you could be allergic to your house plants or public escalator railings and not even be aware of it?

Vegan Products to Try Right Now (Via Haute Talk)


 The vegan lifestyle extends well beyond the realm of food. For example, many of the beauty products we use on a daily contain some less-than-animal-friendly ingredients. It is important to read labels carefully to ensure that that we are making informed decisions about our beauty necessities, as it is easy to overlook the damaging ingredients present in so many of the products on the market today.

Cardio Vs. Weights: Which Should You Do First (Via Prevention)


 There is a never ending debate over which is better: cardio or weight lifting. I personally believe that a combination of the two is best, as you reap very different benefits from the two workouts. However, which should you do first? And does it matter?

23 Dishes to get You Through the Rest of the Winter (Via Buzzfeed)

Winter Food

 I don’t care what month it is: winter is not over until I am sitting on my back porch with a corona and a bowl of lime Tostitos. There are still more than a few weeks to conquer before that can become a reality and I’m relying on foods like the ones in this roundup to power me through this final winter battle.

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