Lunch is the perfect opportunity to get out and walk around New York City with my coworkers—even we just pick up food within a 3 block radius to bring back to our desks so we can continue finding random stuff on the Internet working. So every day, I’ll be sharing what I had for lunch along with links to my daily lunch break distractions.

The Lunch:

Mediterranean salad with chicken, tomatoes, feta cheese and red onions + grilled focaccia bread

The Links:

via ABC News

Felix Baumgartner: Supersonic Skydive ‘Like Swimming Without Touching the Water’ (via ABC News)
The world was watching yesterday as this Austrian daredevil broke the sound barrier and three records with his 833 mph freefall.

via Fooducate

NYC Sued Over Soft Drink Limits (via Fooducate)
And the long-standing rivalry between public health and corporate greed continues. Doesn’t the American Beverage Association realize that people aren’t really going to stop buying soda because of this?

via Redesign Revolution

7 Free & Easy Ways to Organize Your Office (via Redesign Revolution)
I get made fun of in my office for being abnormally neat and organized, but for those of you who aren’t weird OCD robots like I am (according to Dana, anyway), these are some great organization tips!

via PBH2

The 25 Cutest Animal GIFs Ever (via PBH2)

10 Things You Do When You Just Don’t Want to Deal With People (via Thought Catalog)
We all have those days where being a functioning member of society just isn’t going to happen no matter how hard you try. Here’s how to make it through.