I’m working from home today to cook up tons of delicious recipes to share on Healthy Way to Cook! I don’t want to give away anything just yet (you can be sure I’ll be um…“taste testing” all of these recipes for lunch), so instead I’ll post my breakfast along with my usual collection of ridiculous random links.

THE LUNCH (or breakfast):

Whole wheat toast with almond butter, green tea, Chobani plain Greek yogurt with raspberries, walnut & coconut



via Examiner

Snooki gives birth to baby boy named Lorenzo (via Examiner)
Based on his parentage, I think we all know what this baby is going to grow up to be. Side note: Snooki makes me ashamed to be from Jersey AND to be named Nicole.

via Huffington Post Food

‘True Blood’ Cookbook (via Huffington Post Food)
This cookbook based on the hit HBO show features vampire-inspired Cajun recipes. You really can make anything about vampires nowadays, can’t you?

via Greatist

Yoga on the Road [Infographic] (via Greatist)
You can even do these poses in the bathroom! You’d just better hope no one accidentally walks in on you. Pretty sure they’ll get the wrong idea…

21 Reasons You’re Not Letting Me Know About That Job (via Thought Catalog)
When your job search is feeling hopeless, keep in mind that your potential employers might have one of these excellent reasons for not calling you back.

Why Your Gel Manicure Isn’t Very Safe (via Blisstree)
I’ve always been a fan of DIY manicures. Now I know why.