Lunch is the perfect opportunity to get out and walk around New York City with my coworkers—even we just pick up food within a 3 block radius to bring back to our desks so we can continue finding random stuff on the Internet working. So every day, I’ll be sharing what I had for lunch along with links to my daily lunch break distractions.

The Lunch:

Buffalo chicken, blue cheese, walnuts & pears over iceberg & romaine

The Links:

It’s Offical: Kate Middleton is Pregnant (via Jezebel)
The Duchess’ trip to the hospital for Hyperemesis Gravidarum (“acute morning sickness”) has confirmed what the tabloids have been claiming almost immediately following the Royal Wedding in 2011: Kate Middleton is for-real pregnant.

Bob Costas gun control speech: Twitter takes aim at Costas gun riff (via Politico)
Costas’ gun control speech during halftime of last’s night Cowboys-Eagles game sparked a wave of inflammatory responses on Twitter. See Politico’s roundup of the most charged tweets.

Stop and Smell the Aromatherapy: 5 Scents to Love (via Bite Size Wellness)
Our friends at BSW share the best aromatherapy scents for energy, relaxation, stress relief, and more. Who knew ginger was the best scent to wake you up in the morning?

Iconic Paintings Come Alive With Augmented-Reality App (via Design Taxi)
‘ARART’ is an augmented-reality app that allows you to view real-time virtual animations of famous paintings like Girl With the Pearl Earring. Check out the video demonstration on Design Taxi!

9 Absurd Movie Premises That Actually Happened (via Cracked)
So apparently the real-life Sherlock Holmes was a guy named Eugene Francois Vidocq, the father of modern criminology and the world’s first private detective. Also, The Terminal was evidently based on a the true story of a guy who got stuck in the Paris airport…for 18 years.