Time to take a break from the work day and procrastinate a little! Check out our favorite lunch break links of the day:

Fitbit Faces Class-Action Lawsuit (Via Tech Crunch)


Fitbit Inc. has recently come under fire after one of their popular fitness trackers (the Fitbit Force) caused skin irritations in 1.7% of its users. The company has issued a voluntary recall as well as a full refund for all Force users but apparently, that isn’t enough for some people. One man, who did not develop any skin irritation as a result of using the tracker, is intent on filing a class-action lawsuit against the company.

7 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products (Via Redesign Revolution)


We eat clean, organic foods to keep our bodies healthy and free from excess preservatives and then proceed to scrub, spray, wash, and polish our homes us with the harshest of chemical solutions. Not only are the fumes from these common household products harmful for us to inhale, many of them are also damaging to the environment. Treat the world around you with the same respect you give your body and use these eco-friendly products as you dive head first into your spring cleaning.

Why Chocolate is Good for Your Heart-And Your Waist (Via Prevention)

Chocolate Bar

Here’s another article telling you how wonderfully fantastic chocolate is your body. I swear, we’d all be freakin’ super heroes if we just ditched the vegetables and ate chocolate all day instead. Okay maybe not, but we’d be pretty damn happy.

How to Deal with Emotional Eating (Via Huffington Post)

Oh, you mean eating an entire 8 inch cheesecake in one sitting is not the proper way to mend a broken heart? News to me.

The Best Supplements to Fight Fatigue (Via Greatist)

Whole Foods

Oh my God, midterms. As every college student surely knows, the halfway point of the semester brings more exhaustion and stress than relief. If you’re falling asleep at the wheel like (quite like myself), try including some of these supplements into your diet to keep your energy up as you buckle down.

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