Lunch is the perfect opportunity to get out and walk around New York City with my coworkers—even we just pick up food within a 3 block radius to bring back to our desks so we can continue finding random stuff on the Internet working. So every day, I’ll be sharing what I had for lunch along with links to my daily lunch break distractions.

The Lunch:

Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl

 The Links:

Mister Rogers Remixed – Garden of Your Mind (via PBS Digital Studios/YouTube)
I know this has been around for a little while, but a conversation about favorite childhood TV shows inspired me to seek this out today.

via Ecosalon

DIY: 10 Backpacks and Other Projects (via Ecosalon)
Such cute ideas for back-to-school! If I were actually still in school I’d make some of these.

via Nintendo

Celebrate 20 Years of Kirby (via Nintendo)
I cannot believe Kirby is 20! Anyone else remember Kirby Tilt ‘n’ Tumble for Gameboy?

Want to Avoid a Thirsty Future? Eat Less Meat (via Mother Jones)
I still don’t know if I could go full-on vegetarian, but I could certainly cut back on meat if it means we can still have enough water in 40 years.

4 Reasons to Not Take Embarrassing Pictures of Your Friends (via Cracked)
So guys…let’s stop taking pictures where I look like this: