Lunch is the perfect opportunity to get out and walk around New York City with my coworkers—even we just pick up food within a 3 block radius to bring back to our desks so we can continue finding random stuff on the Internet working. So every day, I’ll be sharing what I had for lunch along with links to my daily lunch break distractions.

The Lunch:

Chipotle Cowboy Salad from Just Salad NYC: grilled chicken over romaine with avocado, pepper jack cheese, cilantro & crispy onions

The Links:

New “SKAM” Product Soon? Hormel (Spam) buys Skippy (Peanut Butter) (via Fooducate)
The thought of SPAM alone is enough to make me gag, but with peanut butter? Yuck. Luckily it’s only the brands and not the products themselves that are merging…

Twilight Star Bronson Pelletier Pees at Airport Before Getting Arrested – Watch the Video (via E! Online)
Last month, Twilight werewolf Pelletier was arrested at LAX for public drunkenness and urination. A video was recently posted on YouTube documenting the entire incident. Click through to see it–it’s…just really un-classy.

Sofia Vergara NYE Wardrobe Malfunction (via Fox News Latino)
New photos have surfaced of the Modern Family star in a Miami club on New Year’s Eve, when the top of her strapless gown fell down during an attempt to stop a brawl between her fiancé Nick Loeb and other club patrons. Poor Gloria. 🙁

13 Resolutions (Really) Worth Making for 2013 (via Haute Talk)
Our friends at Haute Talk talked to registered dietitian Carlene Thomas for her thoughts on the healthy New Year’s resolutions that are actually worth making.

4 Dangerously Influential Dimwits (via Cracked)
This is a very serious problem in our society. Why do people always listen to idiots?