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A Fake Chef Pranks the Local News (via BuzzFeed)

fake chef pranks local news

If you’ve ever wondered what makes an epic prank, what about airing it live on day time television? Creators of comedy show, Found Footage Festival, booked a segment on the local morning news knowing that it wouldn’t be all too hard. Make-believe “Chef Keith” discussed what “magic” and recipes were possible with leftovers. What ensued is truly hilarious. Not only were his recipes out of whack but so was what happened at the end…

7 Ridiculous Things People Say To You When You’re Gluten Free (via Huffington Post)

It seems that whenever you have a food allergy or have simply cut out a food group, everyone always has something to say about it. Right? To say that it gets old and annoying is an understatement. Here, Huffington Post lists 7 ridiculous things people say and ask you when you’re gluten free. They are also accompanied by GIFs. So, prepare yourself for some laugh out loud moments.

Food Allergies Are on the Rise (via Eatocracy)

Healthy Way To Cook Allergies on the Rise

On a more serious note, it looks like future generations might  have something new to worry about. It appears that food allergies are on the rise and are currently the fifth leading chronic illness in the United States. Scary, huh? The article goes on to discuss reasons for why this might be. From hereditary allergies to something called the “Hygiene Hypothesis”, there might be more behind allergies than simple chance.

Pharrell Williams’ Grammy Hat Auctioned to Arby’s for $44,100 (via Daily News)

Pharrell Williams Vivienne Westwood Hat

When isn’t Pharrell William’s Vivienne Westwood hat in the news? This time around it looks like the ageless (literally, he is 40) artist has auctioned off his iconic accessory to the Arby’s chain at the sum of $44,100. While at first we were slightly confounded as to why Arby’s was so keen to get their paws on this one-of-a-kind creation, we soon came to realize it  had all to do with their logo. The uncanny resemblance this hat has to the Arby’s logo is to blame but we cannot say it was not for a good cause. Pharrell auctioned off his hat as a fundraiser for his charity for at-risk teens, One Hand to Another.

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