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Nsync Bathed in Glitter Buzzfeed

48 Reasons Why The World Desperately Needs an NSYNC Reunion (via Buzzfeed)

Let’s pause to think about how fabulous the above picture is. Now what if we told you there are 47 more where that came from in the link above? Rumor has it, NSYNC will be reuniting for a performance at the 2013 VMAs this weekend, and we can’t wait. DVR set.

In The Future, Beers May Not Give People Hangovers (via Design Taxi)

Good news, beer drinkers! If you’ve ever wished you could enjoy a few beers without the super fun hangover in the morning, you’re in luck. A research team at the Griffith Health Institute in Australia has found that adding electrolytes to the brew might just stop that nasty morning after feeling. The electrolytes come with a bit of a price though: alcohol content would be reduced.

Batman and Robin Matt Damon Ben Affleck Batman Memes GIF

12 Ben Affleck Batman Memes That the Internet Deserves (via Mashable)

Look, there’s nothing wrong with Ben Affleck. Nothing at all. He’s super talented and deserves high praise but oh my God, why is he going to be Batman? Naturally, the internet responded with memes.

North West Photo Debut Kim Kardashian Kanye West Baby Pictures Kimye

Here she is! North West makes photo debut (via USA Today)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby, North West, has finally been revealed to the world! After months of speculation as to what little North West would look like, we finally know the answer: the perfect combination of both parents. So cute!


Meals Interrupted: Photo Series by Davide Luciano & Claudia Ficca (via Redesign Revolution)

“Meals Interrupted” is a photo series by Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca that “captures dining tables that have been suddenly disrupted by various (sometimes unrealistic) dining disasters and humorous mishaps” according to our friends over at Redesign Revolution. Very cool.

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