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New Year's resolution post-its

Why a New Year’s Theme Works Better Than a Resolution (via Huffington Post)

New Year’s Resolutions are things that we all sort of feel obligated to make, but usually don’t stick to much past January.  And then, when you don’t succeed in sticking to these resolutions, you feel pretty bad about yourself.  This article suggests that instead of setting concrete and sometimes obscure goals for yourself, you should try choosing a theme.  Instead of saying that you are going to quit using Facebook, you could decide you want to be more ‘Mindful’ in the New Year, and vow to pay more attention to your surroundings.  This way, you can really change, but won’t have to worry about reaching a goal.

Greatist healthy macademia ginger cookie

48 Healthier Holiday Cookies (via Greatist)

Christmas is just a few days away and of you are still trying to figure out what kind of cookies you want to make to follow your Christmas dinner, check out these healthy cookie recipes.  They all sound so delicious, I doubt that anyone will realize they aren’t loaded with sugar and butter, and are actually a little bit good for them.

Crudite upgraded well and good

Crudite upgraded: How to Make the Healthiest Party Appetizer Sexier (via Well + Good)

Crudite is definitely healthy, but it is also usually really boring.  There is nothing fun or exciting about some baby carrots, celery sticks, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes arranged in one of those segmented platters with some dip in the middle.  If you still want a crudite platter at your party, but want one that is a lot more exciting, follow this advice.  The biggest thing to keep in mind- color.

Adult man Home Alone Kevin via Buzzfeed

An Adult Man Digitally Recreated “Home Alone” for his Christmas Card and it’s Horrifying (via Buzzfeed)

The phrase that best describes this video is probably “delightfully horrifying.”  This man, Paul, took the act of making a video Christmas card to a whole new level by replacing the faces of all of the characters in Home Alone with his own face.  At first I thought this was insanely creepy.  Upon my second viewing, I realized that it is totally creepy, but it is also awesome.  It is actually amazing.  Well done, Paul.

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