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TF Humphry Slocombe ice cream

Ice Cream Flavors From Around the Globe (via Travel Freak)

I’m well aware that is is a little cold out, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about ice cream.  Chocolate and vanilla are great and all, but if you’re a foodie adventure seeker, here are some interesting flavors from around the world you might want to keep an eye out for.

Rorschach lights HT

Photographer Imitates Rorschach Inkblots With Spinning Steel Wool (via Redesign Revolution)

French photographer Nicolas Rivals is taking Rorschach ink blot tests to the next level by recreating some of the famous blots using steel wool and time lapse photography.  The result is some incredible and really cool photography.

SC The grinch

Don’t Be A Grinch: A GIF Guide to Getting in the Holiday Spirit (via Surviving College)

We all know that one person who never seems to be in the holiday spirit and tries to drag the rest of us down into holiday depression with them.  If you happen to be that person, check out this GIF guide, it might help you find your holiday spirit.

BSW Almond cookie body oilThis Not That: Body Oils (via Bite Size Wellness)

Dry, itchy skin is always a problem, but is extra problematic during the cold winter months. Body oils are a great way to combat that problem, and they smell great too.  Bite Size Wellness even suggests a few oil options if you are new to the body oil concept.

HT H&M raising prices

Why Clothing Companies Like H&M Plan to Raise Their Prices (via Haute Talk)

H&M is great, largely because you can pop in at pick out a super cute outfit for not a lot of money.  Hearing that they are planning on raising their prices is probably upsetting news for most people, until you hear their explanation.  A big motivator behind the price increases is making sure the workers making the clothes are getting paid enough, I suppose I wouldn’t mind spending a little extra on that cause.

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