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What Jennifer Aniston Really Eats For Breakfast (Via Women’s Health Mag)


Jennifer Aniston is the #1 girl next door. Despite her stardom, she has always remained the down-to-earth chick that almost every woman can relate to. ¬†You’ll be happy to know that this familiarity extends to the food she eats. Never mind organic quinoa porridge with poached quail eggs, Aniston’s typical breakfast is no more elaborate than yours or mine.

How to Unroll a Clementine (Via The Kitchn)

I’ll admit it: I’m a 21 year woman and I need my mom to peel my oranges for me. I can’t do it myself! I get the skin stuck under my nails and never successfully remove all the pith. It’s just buckets of sadness. But wait…I can unroll one instead of peel one? What is this witchcraft? I’m going to give this technique a shot tonight.

The 10 Best Things a Woman Can Do for Her Body (Via Bite Size Wellness)

Power Naps

Life is busy and when we get caught up in the chaos, it’s easy to forget to take care ourselves. The little habits we engage in on a day-to-day basis may be more detrimental to our health than we realize. Follow the ten tips outlined in this article and I guarantee you’ll find yourself feeling more energized before you know it.

The 72 Hour Girl Scout Cookie Diet (Via Buzzfeed)

Girl Scout Cookie Diet

Everybody loves Girl Scout Cookies. You’re a liar if you say you don’t. It is impossible to stop eating them no matter how sick, tired, or full you might be. Don’t believe me? Read this first person account of someone who embarked on a mission to eat Girl Scout Cookies for 72 hours and maybe you’ll feel differently.

Is This Target Model for Real? (Via Blogilates)

Target photoshop

Nowadays, it is commonplace for models to be photoshopped into oblivion. We know how unrealistic the images we see online, in magazines, and on billboards are – even when the digital editing isn’t blatantly obvious. However, some touch-up jobs are done so poorly that it is impossible to look at the image without immediately knowing that something is definitely off. This bathing suit model from Target’s website is a prime example.

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