Lunch is the perfect opportunity to take a break from working, plan my weekend, and oh yeah, stuff my face. I don’t know what it is but I’m always starving right before lunchtime. So as I shovel food as fast as possible, stopping to chew only occasionally, I’ll try to catch you up on some stuff. My weekly Lunch Break Links will be an opportunity for me to share my lunch (only pretend…I’m hungry, you can’t have my food), my favorite recipes, weekend plans, and any relevant news. I’ll try to throw in a laugh or two because let’s face it—lunch makes you realize your day is ONLY half way over. Ugh.

Are Gummy Vitamins Good For You?

gummy vitamins

So many adults are switching from traditional multivitamins to gummy vitamins recently. I can’t help but wonder if gummy vitamins are ACTUALLY good for you. After doing a bit of research, I found an article on Greatist. Evidently, gummy vitamins have proven to be perfectly fine (and healthy) to take as a multivitamin. Any chance to eat gummies-sign me up. One of the only real differences between traditional vitamins and gummy vitamins is the sugar content in the gummies. One brand of gummy vitamins that Greatist recommends is called “Smarty Pants”. This product uses organic cane sugar and tapioca syrup instead of refined sugars which can make a bit of difference. When choosing a vitamin, make sure to check the ingredients and amount of vitamins you are getting per dosage.

National Pecan Pie Day:

(image via DAMY Healthy)

skinny pecan pie tart

Okay, so today is National Pecan Pie Day and although pecan pie isn’t typically a healthy treat, I’m determined to make some delicious alternatives. Some things you can do to make pecan pie healthier are sub sugar for agave or Stevia, use less or no butter, and incorporate other substitutions like bananas, dates, and spices for added flavor. I found a few awesome recipes I can’t wait to try. Enjoy Pecan Pie Day- the healthy(er) way.

Skinny Pecan Pie Phyllo Tarts by DAMY Health
Healthy Coconut Pecan Pie Bites by Anytime Health
Healthy Chocolate Pecan Pie by Chocolate Covered Katie

Finally: Food

(image via Lexi’s Clean Kitchen)

peach raspberry crumble

I’m still detoxing from my huge Fourth of July party, so for lunch today I’m having a salad packed with lots of fresh veggies and topped with some turkey. After the Fancy Food Show last week I’ve been getting lots of amazing samples of products to try out. Peanut Butter & Co. sent me jars of peanut butter to test. I definitely see some peanut butter recipes on this weekend’s cooking agenda. Anyone have any ideas? Peanut butter protein pancakes? Or maybe peanut butter and banana overnight oatmeal. Literally, I will eat peanut butter on anything so I’m overjoyed at the sight of all of these jars. I also just purchased a new cookbook, “The Sprouted Kitchen” by Sara Forte. Everything in this book looks so delicious I’m having a hard time deciding where to begin. One recipe I will for sure be making this weekend (probably tonight) is the ‘Tuscan kale chopped salad’ from my new book. Keep an eye out for recipe posts and a cookbook review coming soon. last on my to-do list for this weekend is making a delicious (and healthy dessert). I found this amazing recipe for Raspberry Peach Crumble, by Lexi’s Clean Kitchen that sounds heavenly. I can’t wait to get cooking!

What are your cooking plans this weekend?


Carlie is a rising senior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is a communication major and psychology minor with a focus in interpersonal communication. She loves working out and being outside. She also loves to cook and experiment making delicious recipes and favorite foods healthier. Her guilty pleasure is watching cartoon movies (Despicable Me is probably her favorite). Her absolute two favorite foods are peanut butter and frozen yogurt. Someday she would love to write for a food magazine or a fitness magazine. Email her with any questions about the site.