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The Most Important Thing You Can do in the New Year to Lose Weight, Get Sharper, and Live Longer (via Huffington Post)

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As you finalize your list of resolutions for the new year, keep in mind that the one thing that will do the most to help you feel like a better you, is getting plenty of sleep.  Whether you plan to eat better or exercise more, also resolving to get more sleep will help you be more successful in all of your endeavors.

33 Next-Level Tips For a Bloody Mary Bar (via Buzzfeed)

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Let’s face it, New Year’s Eve is the one night of the year when most people join in the celebrations and decide to have a few drinks, or a few too many. ¬†If you are among those who will be starting the new year with a hangover, you may be interested in featuring a Bloody Mary bar at your new year’s brunch. If you want to go beyond tomato juice and Worcestershire, these ideas will definitely take your mid-morning cocktails to the next level.

Work Off Holiday Weight Gain Without Dieting (via Mashable)

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Ever wish there was a way to burn calories as you consume them, other than just eating celery? Well, if you have a spare $145 laying around, you can invest in some nifty dumb-bell cutlery. Overall, it seems like a pretty silly invention, but if you like multi-tasking, you can squeeze in a little bit of toning up while you eat.

42 Healthy and Portable Fridge-Free Snacks (via Mashable)

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Sticking to a regimen of healthy snacking can be really hard, especially since grabbing a bag of chips out of a vending machine is just so convenient, and packing snacks the night before when you could be sleeping is the last thing anyone really wants to do. If you spend a few hours on a Sunday making some of these yummy snacks, like trail mixes and fruit chips, you can almost beat the convenience of the vending machines, and feel way better about your snacking choices.

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