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Video: What Does the Spleen Do (via Surviving College)

What does the spleen do

Even if you are tired of “What Does the Fox Say,” this parody is still worth checking out.  Complete with a dancing spleen, Harvard Med Students explore the function of the spleen through song, and the results are pretty hysterical.

How to Keep Your Fitness Resolutions While Traveling (via Travel Freak)

Biking in Arizona

If you think you will have to bail on your exercise routine just because you are going on vacation, you may be wrong.  If you get a little creative, you can find fun and exciting ways to exercise while you are vacationing, you just have to seek out activities that will keep you fit while you are having fun, like surfing and scenic hikes.

6 Pieces of Lucky Charm Jewelry (via Haute Talk)

Evil eye bracelet

If your store-bought so-called good luck charm just isn’t doing the trick, maybe you should try making one from scratch. These DIYs are all pretty simple, and will leave you with a super cute, and hopefully lucky, new accessory.

9 Tips to Help You Get to Sleep Faster (via Bite Size Wellness)


Getting enough sleep every night is crucial for your help, but sometimes it is hard to drift off to dream land, even when you are exhausted.  If counting sheep just doesn’t work out for you anymore, try some of these slightly more sophisticated techniques, like taking a warm bath and switching off the TV.

Upcycle This! 7 Ways to Reuse Planters (via Redesign Revolution)

Upcycle planter rain boots

If starting a cute little garden in your yard or in your home is something you’ve been wanting to do, but don’t have the money for all the pots and planters, you can always try repurposing some old items you probably have laying around.  There is even something for the city folk out there, teeny tiny little planters made in wine corks. Awesome!

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