Mason Jar Salads

If you are on a salad kick, sometimes it can get a little dull because of the same ingredients that you may use. Usually when you take out your salad to eat for lunch, it may have turned into a limp, soggy mess that doesn’t seem as appetizing anymore. Here are some tips to keeping your salad on the crispy, delicious side, plus giving you a variety for any day of the week. What is even better is that you can create your salad in a mason jar that is easy to grab and go.

Tutorial to Build Mason Jar Salads

It’s not very hard to make a mason jar salad. All you need is a jar and ingredients that are right there in your fridge if you already have them or you just have to grab a few ingredients from the store and there you go. The way to make the best salad in a jar is all how you arrange your ingredients. So grab your yummy ingredients and get to building.

Dressing at the bottom. Salad dressings should be the first in the mason jar. This is an important step because the ingredients of your salad will not get soggy.

Add proteins, grains and chunky pieces next. This layer will make a barrier between the salad dressing and your delicate ingredients. You can add any type of proteins, grains and chunky veggies such as cherry tomatoes and cauliflower.

Next is the fixings. This is where you can add your nuts, cheeses and any other little favorite fixings that you want to remain dry just before you eat.

Last, but not least. The final layer is the leafy greens to complete your salad. When you are ready to eat, you just turn the mason jar over and your greens will make the salad bed.

Explore Mason Jar Recipes Through Pinterest

So you’ve got the basic salad preparation down, but do you want more of a creative spin for your mason jar salad? Take a look at a few Pinterest boards listed below that will give you some fresh ideas.

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Quick Mason Jar Salads in 15 Minutes

Sometimes you get up in the mornings later then usually and you don’t have much time to prepare your breakfast and you pretty much may end up eating lunch at some unhealthy joint or maybe not eating at all. Here are some recipes for a weeks worth of mason jar salads that you can make in 15 minutes.

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