It’s inevitable. Since the beginning of blogs, Pinterest, and other inspiring websites,  DIY fails have become an epidemic in this society. Creative artisans display their talent, and the average peasant thinks they can duplicate the exact masterpiece, only to learn they suck at crafts.  The best of those fails are in the category of cooking by far. It seems that most people don’t understand that the recipes on these sites have been created and executed by chefs with years of culinary training under their belts. Well, regardless of experience, we’ve decided to assure all you mediocre chefs out there that you are not the only ones who have the ability to make food look inedible. Check out these pictures of people who tried and failed to cook…anything. You all really nailed it!

Rubber Ducky,  You’re The One

Rubber Ducky Nailed it Spring Time Animals

It’s spring time! That means there will be ducks and so many other wonderful animals that will come out of their hibernation to announce the coming of warm weather. That is, if they aren’t mutilated by people who think they are good at baking when they really aren’t. This poor family of rubber ducky cupcakes look like they have been actually made out of rubber and then melted down in a microwave. No one wants to eat these. Not even if they were considered a duck delicacy.

And Then The Caterpillar Turned Into A…

Frog Grapes for Nailed It Spring Time Animals

What an adorable snack for kids after school (or adults after work, we don’t discriminate) to get into the spring time mood. Eating fresh fruits during warm seasons is just so refreshing, unless they look like this. Pretty sure this Pinterest fail is supposed to be a hungry hungry caterpillar, but this appears to be the decapitation of the hungry caterpillar. Looks like this one won’t be turning into a butterfly, or a snack for that matter. May I also point out that this was a matter of sticking grapes on a stick? This person is completely incompetent.

Duck Patte

Duck Crackers for Nailed It Spring Time Animals

If someone put this out as a cute spring snack, I would immediately assume they were owls, and then question how that relates to spring. I can’t be sure what the ingredients in this little appetizer are, but I assure you I would steer clear of it. It appears to be cat nip rolled into a ball and placed on a cracker. Unappealing on so many levels.

To Bee? Or Not To Bee?

Bees for Nailed it Spring Time Animals

I know I am one to hate cake pops, but the bumble bee cake pops on the top are adorable. They are fat and cute and work perfectly as a cake pop. The bumble bee fails below are atrocious. They actually look like they were dipped in the bumble bee’s honey and left to dry, without a human ever looking at them again. Whoever made these should pick up the wax paper they are laying on by both ends, wrap it up, and immediately throw it in the trash.

A Rare and Exotic Failing Frog

Frog for Nailed It Spring Time Animals

So I think there is supposed to be frosting on this frog. I could be wrong, but I think the finishing touches on the frog are all in that fondant frosting. Regardless, the bottom frog looks less like a frog and more like a turtle. A ninja turtle to be precise. Looks like Raphael took a beating from Shredder. Next time, just don’t attempt it.

Springing into spring: nailed it!

Renee is a rising senior communications major with a cinema studies minor at Stonehill College. This past year Renee completed two semesters abroad. During the fall semester she lived in Florence, Italy and traveled throughout Europe. During the spring semester she lived in Los Angeles, California and interned for Warner Brothers Entertainment.