With summer and peach season (unfortunately) coming to a close, it’s only fitting that August 22nd is National Eat a Peach Day. This juicy, delicious fruit is already incredible its natural form, but you can celebrate in style with these unique ways to eat a peach. Notice there are no desserts on this list…that’s what National Peach Ice Cream Day was for! 

Savory Peach Chicken via Food Network 

Pork Chops with Peach Barbecue Sauce via Eating Well 

Peaches with Balsamic Vinegar & Black Pepper via Cooking Channel 

Tomato & Peach Gazpacho via Greatist 

Fresh Peach Salsa via Cooking Light 

What’s your favorite way to eat a peach? Feel free to share your links and recipes!

“Blue Sky” from The Allman Brothers Band album “Eat a Peach”

Image via FreeDigitalPhotos.net