Although there is no such thing as a time machine to erase those hours in the sun or the mistake of smoking cigarettes, you CAN slow down your skin’s aging process as well as its quality by what you eat.

DARK Chocolate: Packed with catechin and epicatechin which improve the roughness and scaling in skin. Make sure not to overdo it, the size of a postage stamp is all you should eat on a daily basis.  

Red Peppers: The special pigment lutein can improve skin’s elasticity therefore fewer lines and wrinkles.

Tomatoes: With a different pigment than red peppers, the lycopene in tomatoes results in a reduction in skin redness and helps eliminate skin aging from ultraviolet rays.  

Orange Juice: Full of vitamin C which results in our bodies producing collagen (that stuff in certain moisturizers which plumps skin). 

Salmon, Sardines, Anchovies: All of these fish have omega-3 oils which help dry and itchy skin. If you’re not into fish, pop an omega-3 pill or sprinkle some flaxseed on your food.

Oats: Oatmeal has silica which is needed to make cells which lie between collagen fibers so they don’t thin skin, thus creating collagen.

Sweet Potatoes: The vitamin C in these potatoes produces collagen, promoting fewer wrinkles. Carrots work too!

Almonds: The vitamin E in this nut defends against sun damage.

Protect your skin further by wearing sunscreen and sunglasses, and staying out of the sun as much as possible. Even during cloudy days make sure you’re wearing moisturizer with SPF!

5 Anti-Aging Foods to Firm Up Your Skin
5 Anti-Aging Foods to Firm Up Your Skin




Image courtesy of Liz West / Flickr (CC BY 3.0)


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