It’s not just one of the most efficient kitchen appliances but also one the most effective. This is because it can do almost anything: defrost, warm, boil water and cook food.What’s more is that it’s so easy to use that even kids can operate it with convenience. The problem comes in when someone attempts to microwave foods or things that can either lower the food’s nutrition, make the food in-consumable or, cause explosions. In this case, the 12 things you should really never microwave include:


Attempting to defrost frozen cuts of meat in the microwave is highly likely to cause bacteria to grow in the meat. This happens whenever you put frozen meat in the microwave but, instead of having the whole cut defrosted, only the edges get defrosted while the inner remains frozen.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Due to the rapid heat being produced by the microwave, the eggs end up producing a lot of steam
which can burn your fingers or cause the egg to explode. And, in case you don’t know, cleaning the
mess created by an exploded egg is a lot of work.

Cups of Water

Heating plain water for too long while in either a glass or ceramic containers causes the water to super heat. Thus, upon trying to move the cup, this heat will get transferred on your hands thus scalding you.


Heating fruit in the microwave ends up decreasing their nutritional value. Also, some of the fruits, like grapes, may explode while others like raisins may start to smoke.

Lunch Bags

Not only are these bags unsanitary but they will also emit toxic fumes when put in a microwave. At times, they may ignite hence causing fire.

Old Mugs

Old mugs, especially ones that were made before the 60’s are known to contain harmful heavy metals like
lead or can give off radiation.

Takeout Containers

When these containers come into close contact with microwaves, especially their handles, fires can get started.

Aluminum Foil

Inserting food in the microwave while it’s still wrapped in aluminum foil is most likely to cause fire.

What are some other items you should never microwave?