Good news for bagel lovers who also adore doughnut holes! Now you can enjoy bagel balls. Bagel balls are basically the savory equivalent of munchkins and can be dressed up with sauces, fillings, and spreads. Now, they don’t necessarily scream “healthy!” –some are covered in cheese, sauce, etc. — but they certainly could be figure-friendly with some slight modifications. For you fun foodies who love to try the newest crazes, bagel balls are an on-the-go breakfast treat that should definitely be on your to-try list.

Bantam Bagels, a new shop that will open at the end of August in West Village, are the discoverers of the bagel ball, which they’ve nicknamed “bantams.” According to Thrillist,

Every day, the shop will offer a menu of basics: your choice of plain, sesame, or everything bagel filled with spreads such as peanut butter, plain cream cheese, butter, and veggie cream cheese. But the husband-and-wife team behind Bantam also has a roster of rotating specials that’ll make your mouth water and your eyes tear with joy.

Uh, sounds good to us! Other flavors on their menu, according to Bantam Bagels’ website: Grandma JoJo (Italian spiced bagel topped with thinly sliced, marinated tomato filled with fresh basil pesto cream cheese), Summerberry Shortcake (Freshly picked blueberry bagel filled with sweet strawberry cream cheese) and so many more that sound amazing.

Check out some of their yummy creations below!

The French Toast:

Bantam Bagels French Toast Bagel Balls Cinnamon Cream Cheese

“A cinnamon nutmeg egg bagel with a maple syrup cream cheese injection.”

The Weekend Brunch / Grandma Jojo:

Bantam Bagels Bagel Balls The Weekend Brunch Grandma JoJO

The Weekend Brunch is an everything bagel filled with lox, tomato, and red onion cream cheese. Yum!

Head to their website to check out the rest!

Will you be trying Bantam Bagels’ bagel balls? Let us know!

h/t & images: Thrillist