Target really has a knack for mixing food and fashion.  A few weeks ago the company hosted a revolutionary online Tweet to Runway show highlighting the Target Everyday Collection. This past Thursday, we received an invitation to check out The Everyday Cafe, a pop-up lounge in Chelsea Market that serves as a pit stop for busy New York Fashion Week event attendees. The cafe lets you relax and recharge (literally–there’s a phone charging station inside!) with snacks, beverages and free WiFi while looking at custom-made outfits inspired by the Everyday Collection. While there were several mannequins sporting dresses made of socks and diapers, our favorites were, of course, the ones inspired by food:

Umbrella dress with oatmeal shoes at Target's NYFW Everyday Cafe

Oatmeal Shoes at Target's NYFW Everyday Cafe

Fruit snack suit at Target's NYFW Everyday Cafe

Fruit snack button close up

Cake-inspired dress at Target's NYFW Everyday Cafe

Whisk necklace

What we love most about Target’s approach to their collection of groceries and household items is the way they encourage us to find glamour in the “everyday.”  From the bejeweled Tide laundry detergent purse to the black-tie staff serving fruit snacks, granola bars and coffee from a pristine white bar, Target wants you to feel like you’re experiencing luxury in the form of mundane items, proving that you don’t need to spend a fortune to be fabulous.

The Target Everyday Cafe is open through the end of Fashion Week. For more information, check out A Bullseye ViewYou can also check out our Blog Buddy Talia’s post about the cafe over on Bite Size Wellness!