Other Uses for Wok

If you own a wok, you know how well it works for cooking Asian cuisine at home that can rival anything you order from a restaurant. However, it is more versatile than you may think at first. Yes, stir frying in it is the most common use for a wok, but you can use it for so many other things.

Deep Frying

Fill your wok about three quarters of the way with a cooking oil of your choice, and use your wok to deep fry all kinds of foods. I have used this technique to deep fry egg rolls, chicken pieces and even potato sides. Sure, frying isn’t the healthiest choice of cooking methods, but the wok definitely works if that’s something that you are choosing to do.


Turn up the heat on your wok (either by the dial that plugs into it or the flame on your stove), and you can use it to cook eggs and even a side. Since the sides of the wok heat up, as well, you can place strips of meat that you want to reheat, such as leftover ham slices, on the sides and flip them periodically to give them an even heating all the way through. If you’re looking to add some veggies to your scrambled eggs, put them into the wok first, stir fry them and then add your eggs to mix them all up for a quick breakfast. Depending on how large your wok is, you can mix up a batch of scrambled eggs in it big enough to feed a small army for those times when you have guests over to your house.

Mexican Cuisine

As mentioned above, a larger wok has the capacity to hold a great deal of food. You can brown and season a large quantity of ground meat in a wok for tacos, and even use another one to warm up your tortillas. Add some salsa to the meat mixture for extra kick, and the wok heats it up nicely.


Who said that you only have to use a wok on heat? With the design of this versatile kitchen tool, you can use it to put in an array of salad greens, vegetables and other additions. The open design allows you to mix it all up effectively without the walls being too narrow and preventing you from getting it evenly distributed.


Image: iStock